T ogether

When you join Home and School, you join a community.  We will encourage all student achievements and enrich their learning environment.  We can build a partnership between families and administration.  TOGETHER we can help our children be successful.  When parents are involved, children do better in school.  We welcome you to get involved with Home and School.  We need your support!! 

E  veryone

Can Join!!

*     Parents

*     Grandparents

*     Teachers/Staff

*     Friends

*     Family

Our goal is to reach 100%

membership! ++

Please partner with us to reach this goal.  Sign up today.

++one membership per enrolled child.

A chieves

H & S supports

Classroom Enrichment

*   Field Trips

*   New Books/Library

*    Daily Agendas

*    Administration

*    Families

M ore

Being a H & S member means

*    Being informed    


 *     Having a voice        


   *    Knowing the needs of your child are met

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